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Process of cooperation

  1. View all information & videos.
  2. Write down all questions and send them to us.
  3. Determine investment.
  4. Get to know each other by phone / zoom.
  5. Received invoice & contract.
  6. Send payment receipt & contract to support.
  7. We create your data in our system.
  8. After payment we will send you information and video material.
  9. We will assign you a product that matches your investment.
  10. We order samples and obtain further offers from suppliers. (Duration approx. 5-30 days)
  11. We will set up a customer account for you and place an order online so that you can see the progress.
  12. We create the pictures, information & everything you need for the product.
  13. We will send you the search terms.
  14. We create the title, description and bullets for your product.
  15. You will receive the sales price, the quantity, EAN, barcode & Co.
  16. You will receive the required certificates or licenses.
  17. We will create suitable links for the product for you.
  18. The logistics are assigned. FBA, send it yourself or through our logistics partner.
  19. We refer your product to test buyers in order to receive neutral opinions and, if necessary, to make improvements.
  20. Marketing measures for the purchase button.
  21. Test reports & awards are created.
  22. Start of internal PPC Amazon advertising.
  23. We place the first external advertisements directly on your product.
  24. Control of all settings and general optimization.
  25. Analysis of internal advertising.
  26. New advertisements based on the analyzes.
    Organic Ads Report.

    That was the beginning of the collaboration, the next steps are about building up as many sales channels as possible so that you don’t become dependent on Amazon. We don’t just want to sell with you on Amazon. Your product should be placed in stationary stores, offered in other countries and much more.
    If you want to become active in business, we will support you as much as possible on our part.


The Amazon partnership with us.
First, we solved all common problems for Amazon startups.

1. Own warehouse
2. Find the product
3. A good ranking
4. Protection of the private label
5. Strategic plan
6. Don´t sell only on Amazon

You will receive a product from us that matches the search queries analyzed in advance. We are less inventing new products, we are concentrating on market niches and keywords.

We are so sure about the product that we give you a sales guarantee. If the product does not sell, we will send you a new one for free.
Long-term success is our goal. That’s why we don’t just sell your product on but in as many countries as possible.
Amazon is still active in France, England and many other countries.
Not only Amzon is our goal. We want to place the product in other markets. Online and stationary.

We receive 1.5 – 7% of sales as remuneration. Therefore, your success and high sales figures are very important to us. The better the product runs, the better both parties earn. For your protection, the product will only be announced after payment. Since we have numerous inquiries every day, it would not be strategically good to reveal the product that has been analyzed with effort and time to everyone.
If you don’t like the product, you are welcome to choose a different one before starting. However, this rarely happens because the focus is primarily on making money and less on a passion for the first product.

Many of our partners are lateral entrants, you don’t have to be an expert. However, you should be familiar with the PC and the Internet.
As soon as the product is ready to be shipped, it goes to our warehouse in Germany.
We also accept your returns there.

We then start with external marketing as well as internal.
Marketing on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

* Test reports are created.
* Awards
* DPMA trademark use
* Printed packaging
* Landing pages created
* Pictures, description & Co.

And much more that you can see from the investment part.
The list is on the page. We want to be placed on the first page with as many search terms as possible at the beginning. With the first sales you should keep increasing the inventory. At the beginning you get 100-300 units.
Here we pay a higher price from the supplier than if we bought 2,000 purchases. The more we buy, the cheaper the price becomes.

As soon as the first product is successfully sold, we concentrate on expanding it with variants in order to offer customers more choice and, of course, higher sales figures.

Only when you are well placed with your product and with a lot of search terms, when you have plenty of inventory, when you have several variants and are active in other countries and your product can be found in brick-and-mortar stores, do we concentrate on the second product.

What are your tasks?
1. Analysis of the placement
2. Analysis of the advertising reports
3. Place advertisements on Amazon
4. Customer support via email
5. Strategies for search terms
6. Observe the competition
7. Analysis of competitor applications
8. Optimization mindset

You should be strongly motivated to start your own business and set yourself high goals. If you want to earn some money while studying, this is not the place for you. We want determined partners who also live entrepreneurship.
You should have 1-3 hours a day with you and capital for your investment.

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In the following you will find a list of how an investment for a product comes about. At the beginning of the cooperation, we will tell you the one-time total investment that is necessary for your product in order to get a good long-term and organic placement on Amazon.

Purchase of goods
Analysis of search terms
Analysis of competition product
Product research
Examination of the supplier
Material procurement and co
Sample production
Tests, laboratory & test centers
Shipping to: Germany
Warehouse logistics in the country of manufacture
Transport insurance
Product tester
Google Ads
Reports on the Internet about the product or co.
Influencer Marketing
Instagram ads
Facebook ads
Social media ads
Landing page
Pixel and tracking integration
Retargeting ads
Look a Like Ads
Sales in B2B
Addresses of stationary stores for sales
image editing
Bullet points
Brand related costs
Export registration
Import registration
Documents ingredients
Codes for customs
EAN numbers from GS1
Training via videos
Training from the team
Chat support
Support by mail
Advertising report analytics
Affiliate cooperations
Expansion plans
General network usage
Advice on company registration
Power links
Receive a buy button
Amazon England, Fr, Nl and co Selling
Terms and Conditions
data protection
Web space
SSL and mail
Email lead marketing support
Including sales guarantee for your safety
Including product protection
Promotional videos
Advertise pictures

We will contact you several times a week to document your progress as well as possible. Colleagues from the team write to you to determine your current status and enter it in our CRM system.
We can then monitor sales and make optimizations.


It is not allowed to sell different brands via multiple accounts via Amazon. Therefore we need partners with whom we sell together on amazon. It’s a win win situation. We can continue to bring many brands onto the market and our partners benefit from good products and learn how the Amazon business works.


from 5000€ ONE TIME